About us

We are a small development team based in Austria.

Our Team

  • Tobias


  • Eduard

    Team Lead

  • Andreas

    Game Designer

  • Markus

    Game Artist

Forge Squad

A rapid, chaotic 4 player co - op challenge.

Forge Squad is a cooperative crafting game for up to 4 players. In order to defeat the approaching waves of enemies, runes must be forged. The crafting consists of several steps, which can only be efficiently done together. Enemies can only be injured by towers charged with the right type of runes. The strongest ones also have shields that players must destroy themselves to protect the entrance to the Plane of the Gods.

Forge Squad on Steam

Forge Squad was born out of a student project. At the end of the study the game was honored with the "Best in Class 2020" award. Based on the many positive feedbacks we decided to develop the game further and publish it.